Phenomenal Visions On The Way To Hell - The Films And Struggles Of Martin Scorsese
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

“You don’t pay for your sins in church, you pay for them on the streets.” That could be called the motto of Martin Scorsese’s film MEAN STREETS (1973) – and it would apply to the director and man too. As a boy who grew up Catholic in N.Y.C.’s rough and tumble Little Italy, he always tried to merge those two worlds in his films. Bodo Fründt and Rolf Thissen use interviews and revealing archive footage to explore Scorsese’s film universe. In doing so, they provide a scintillating look at the rise of the Seventies’ New Hollywood.

This film will be screened with DR. FRANCIS AND MR. COPPOLA (45 Min.).

tags: Documentary, Filmmaking, Portrait


Screenplay: Bodo Fründt

Director of Photography: Norbert Flossmann, Michael Nopens, Adam Olech

Film Editor: Gisela Lukácsi

Sound: Raoul Entemann, Hubert Heinz, Andreas Reil

Producer: Rolf Thissen, Bodo Fründt

Production Company: Nord-Süd-Film

Director: Bodo Fründt

Editor: Hans Peter Kochenrath

TV channel: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)