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"Something happened with Amy Winehouse", Asif Kapadia recounts, "and I wanted to know how that happened in front of our eyes. How can someone die like that in this day and age? And it wasn't a shock; I almost knew it was going to happen. You could see she was going down a certain path. For me, she was like a girl from down the road. I grew up in the same part of the world. It could be someone I knew, someone I was friends with or might have gone to school with. I thought we should investigate." From the outset, the filmmakers settled on the idea of telling the story through Winehouse's lyrics, which would appear on screen throughout the film, that the songs would be the key. "That for me", adds
Kapadia, "became the big revelation – her writing. Everyone knew she could sing, but maybe people didn't realise how well she could write. She wrote the music herself as well. The whole thing was her."

tags: Documentary, Music, Portrait

With: (Dokumentarfilm) Amy Winehouse


Film Editor: Chris King

Composer: Antonio Pinto

Sound: Andy Shelly, Stephen Griffith

Producer: James Gay-Rees

Production Company: On The Corner

Co-Producer: George Pank

Distributor: Prokino Filmverleih GmbH

Director: Asif Kapadia