Filmfest 2015

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Paulina abandons her successful career as a lawyer in Buenos Aires to engage in social activism back in her homeland on the border between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. After two weeks working in a neighborhood scarred by marginalization, she is assaulted by a gang. Despite the brutality of the attack, instead of fleeing, Paulina resolves to hold tighter to her convictions – to survive, against the odds. PAULINA is a social thriller that explores the characters connected to an act of violence – the victims and the perpetrators – and examines how that violence triggers different ideas of justice.
La Unión de los Ríos

tags: Women, Justice, Latin America, Feature film, Thriller

Cast: Dolores Fonzi, Oscar Martinez, Esteban Lamothe, Cristian Salguero


Screenplay: Santiago Mitre, Mariano Llinás

Director of Photography: Gustavo Biazzi

Film Editor: Delfina Castagnino, Leandro Aste, Joana Collier

Composer: Nicolás Varchausky

Production Designer: Micaela Saiegh

Costume Design: Florencia Caligiuri, Carolina Sosa Loyola

Sound: Santiago Fumagalli, Federico Esquerro, Edson Secco

Producer: Agustina Llambi Campbell, Fernando Brom

Production Company: La Unión de los Ríos

Co-Producer: Santiago Mitre, Lita Stantic, Didar Domehri, Laurent Baudens, Gaël Nouaille, Walter Salles, Ignacio Viale

Co-Production Company: Full House

World Sales: Versatile

Director: Santiago Mitre