The Man In The Wall
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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One night. One apartment. One missing person. Rami takes his dog for a walk and does not return. He disappears. His wife, Shir, is clueless as to his whereabouts. Different people come in and out of the apartment during that night – each for their own reasons. Could one of them hold the key to the mystery?
UCM Films

"The film takes place during one night, in one apartment, between the walls that people usually call 'home'. A place, that’s supposed to be safe, intimate, and precious. A place, full with doubts, secrets, and fear. Fear of spending your life with a person who's a stranger, and the fear of staying alone without this person.
The film is composed of 12 scenes, every scene (except one) is one shot."
Evgeny Ruman

tags: Relationship, Women, Horror, Feature film, Thriller

Cast: Tamar Alkan, Zev Shimshoni, Ruth Rasiuk, Roi Miller, Eli Gornstein


Screenplay: Evgeny Ruman

Director of Photography: Ziv Berkovich

Film Editor: Evgeny Ruman

Production Designer: Sharon Eagle

Costume Design: Chen Gilad

Sound: Michael Goorevich

Producer: Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Tami Leon

Production Company: UCM

World Sales: 6Sales

Director: Evgeny Ruman