The Bear
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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Douce and Bart, the stars of THE BEAR, are just that: bears, the Kodiak kind. Jean-Jacques Annaud's film indulges in sheer back-to-basics bravado. This time Mr. Annaud has elected to see things from a mostly wordless, bear's-eye view, and has attempted to enter the thoughts of creatures who, as Mr. Annaud presents it, are a lot like us. Only better.
New York Times

Filmmakers Live with director Jean-Jacques Annaud

tags: Nature, Feature film, Animal

Cast: Bart the Bear, Youk the Bear, Tchéky Karyo, Jack Wallace, André Lacombe


Screenplay: Gérard Brach

Original Material: James Oliver Curwood

Director of Photography: Philippe Rousselot

Film Editor: Noëlle Boisson

Composer: Philippe Sarde

Production Designer: Toni Lüdi

Costume Design: Françoise Disle, Corinne Jorry

Sound: François Musy

Producer: Claude Berri

Production Company: Renn Productions

Co-Production Company: Price

Distributor: Constantin Film Verleih GmbH

Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud