Filmfest 2016

Palestinian teacher Layal, just married, picks up a hitchhiker – and winds up accused of aiding and abetting terrorists. In Israeli women’s jail, where she’s sentenced to spend the next eight years, Layal finds out she’s pregnant. She has a baby boy in prison – but soon finds herself in the middle of a prisoners’ revolt. In her first feature film, Mai Masri finds intense images and allegories for her protagonist’s struggle for dignity and self-determination.

tags: Arab World, Women, Society, Motherhood, Feature film

Cast: Maisa Abd Elhadi, Nadera Omran, Karim Saleh, Raida Adon


Screenplay: Mai Masri

Director of Photography: Gilles Porte

Film Editor: Michele Tyan

Production Designer: Hussein Baydoun

Costume Design: Hamada Atallah

Sound: Chadi Roukoz, Raja Dubayah

Producer: Mai Masri, Sabine Sidawi

Production Company: Nour Productions, Orjouane Produtions

Co-Producer: Charlotte Uzu

Co-Production Company: Les Films d'Ici

World Sales: Intramovies

Director: Mai Masri


Palestinian director and producer Mai Masri studied film at UCLA and San Francisco State. She is one of the leading documentarists of the Arab world. Together with her husband Jean Khalil Chamoun, she made films including WILD FLOWERS: WOMEN OF SOUTH LEBANON (1986), CHILDREN OF FIRE (1991), BEIRUT DIARIES (2006) and 33 DAYS (2007).