Filmfest 2016

Barkev Kevorkian, Armenian, Hobby cosmologist and advanced-stage Parkinson patient, goes on a final journey through the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. Plagued by cramps and hallucinations, the mute man sketches a vision of his past and possible future, but also of that of his torn homeland.

tags: Arab World, Memories, Essay, Road Movie, Death

Cast: Barkev Kevorkian, Noura Kevorkian, Lara K. Scherzer, Jano Sherbetjian, Serena Kevorkian


Screenplay: Noura Kevorkian

Director of Photography: Wajdi Elian

Film Editor: Avril Jacobson, Noura Kevorkian

Sound: Victor Bresse

Producer: Paul Scherzer, Noura Kevorkian

Production Company: Six Island Productions, Saaren Films / Musa Dagh

Director: Noura Kevorkian


Lebanese-Canadian filmmaker Noura Kevorkian had her debut in 2002 with short doc VEILS UNCOVERED about lingerie styles in Damascus. Her TV film “Code Green” 2006 was one of the first environmental reality formats. Her documentary ANJAR: FLOWERS, GOATS AND HEROES (2009) deals with a girl finding out all the old people in her village are survivors of the Armenian Genocide in WWI. She’s the daughter of Barkev Kevorkian, the protagonist.