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During his routine rounds of the lakes, senior fisheries inspector Trofim Rusanov runs afoul of the local fishermen, who sink his boat. Trofim finds himself lost in the taiga forest, alone in the wilds, dozens of kilometers from human habitation. Making his way back to civilization, he suddenly finds a strange bundle in a cabin in the woods: An abandoned baby. For days, he wanders the uninhabited taiga, fighting both for his life and the life of the little child. Finally, Trofim finds the way home. He wants to find the woman who left her baby in the forest. It takes a superhuman effort for him to find the baby's mother. But his long quest leads to another surprising find.

tags: Adventure, Loneliness, Society, Nature, Feature film

Cast: Aleksey Guskov, Nadezhda Markina, Anastasiya Sheveleva


Screenplay: Viktor Dement

Original Material: Vladimir Tendryakov

Director of Photography: Andrey Naydenov

Film Editor: Oleg Morgunov, Natalia Kucherenko

Composer: Panu Aaltio

Production Designer: German Zaryankin

Costume Design: Anna Bartuli

Sound: Ivo Heger

Producer: Nataliya Budkina, Dimitri Klepatski, Aleksey Zemskiy

Production Company: TALAN Film Company

Co-Production Company: Figaro Film Company, Klepatski production

World Sales: Amadeus Entertainment Ltd

Director: Viktor Dement


Viktor Dement, born 1966, studied theater directing at the Russian Drama Academy in Moscow from 1985 to 1993, then studied film directing at VGIK Moscow 2006 to 2009. He directed for the stage in Moscow, as well as several TV series, films and docs. THE FIND is his first dramatic feature film.