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Once again exploring the deep magic of popular music, Carlos Saura delves into Argentine folklore to offer a fascinating tour of the past, present and future of a genre that marked the youth of the award-winning filmmaker. Saura’s meeting with some of the best artists and groups from Argentina and the rich repertoire of the genre will give us a very particular vision of an art that is in tune with the people, creating a document of its culture for the future, to which Saura adds scenic magnetism and originality. “I always had the urge to shoot Argentine music, especially for the wealth of its zambas and chacareras, what you call folklore.” –Carlos Saura

tags: Documentary, Society, Latin America, Music, Dance

With: El Chaqueno Palvecino, Soledad Pastorutti, Jairo, Liliana Herrero, Luis Salinas


Screenplay: Carlos Saura

Director of Photography: Felix Monti

Film Editor: Cesar Custodio, Iara Rodriguet Vilardebó

Composer: Lito Vitale

Production Designer: Pablo Maestre Galli

Costume Design: Marcela Vilariño

Sound: Fernando Soldevila

Producer: Marcelo Schapces, Mariana Erijimovich, Alejandro Israel

Production Company: Barakacine Producciones

Co-Producer: José Velasco, Stéphane Sorlat

Co-Production Company: Mondex&cie, Zebra Producciones

Distributor: Concorde Filmverleih GmbH

Director: Carlos Saura


Carlos Saura was born in Huesca, Spanien in 1932, the second of four children of an attorney father and a pianist mother. Saura dropped out of studying engineering to become a photographer before studying filmmaking at Instituto de Investigaciones y Experiencias Cinematográficas, where he also taught directing until 1963. His films were influenced by the Spanish Civil War and Italian Neo-Realism. In the 1980s, Saura became world-famous for his flamenco trilogy made with well-known dancer and choreographer Antonio Gades, BLOOD WEDDING (1981), his dance version of CARMEN (1983) and A LOVE BEWITCHED (1986). In 1995, Saura returned to the Spanish national dance with FLAMENCO before exploring Argentine dancing in docu-drama TANGO (1998). He has directed over 40 feature films, many distributed world-wide. His long list or honors include multiple prizes in Berlin and Cannes and three Academy Award nominations.