Filmfest 2016

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It's the 4th of July in LA and Jamie, a down on his luck illustrator who's behind on rent, tries to throw a cookout while his over-bearing roommate Derek is out of town. When Jamie decides to borrow Derek's bike without asking for a quick trip to the liquor store for lighter fluid, his entire day and life quickly begin to go up in smoke. Sparked by an incident with a road-rager, Jamie quickly finds himself far from home; trapped in a series of awkward, absurd and frustrating situations with a variety of characters.

tags: Relationship, Friendship, Humor, Feature film, Urban

Cast: Andre Hyland, Johnny Pemberton, Anna Lee Lawson, Eliza Coupe, Paul Erling Oyen


Screenplay: Andre Hyland

Director of Photography: Charles J. Gibson, Shane Bruce Johnston

Film Editor: Andre Hyland

Composer: Andre Hyland

Production Designer: Andre Hyland

Costume Design: Andre Hyland

Sound: Greg Vossberg

Producer: Michael J. Rizzo, Andre Hyland, Eric Binns, Shane Bruce Johnston

Production Company: Hothouse Productions, bLoNd cHiLi Productions

World Sales: United Talent Agency

Director: Andre Hyland


Andre Hyland grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, working as a director, graffiti artist and stand-up comedian. “Rolling Stone” voted his short FUNNEL the most important discovery of Sundance 2014. The 4th is his feature debut.