Filmfest 2016

In 458 ACE, Aeschylus staged the "Oresteia" trilogy. The tragedy culminates with the trial of Orestes, who murdered his own mother to avenge his father's death. This documentary fuses that story with the history of Brazil, inventing an Orestes who kills his father, a torturer under the dictatorship, to avenge his slain mother. ORESTES uses a mock jury and psychodrama sessions to investigate the ways in which the dictatorship left profound marks on official narratives and Brazilians' psyches.

tags: Documentary, History, Society, Justice, War, Current Affairs

With: Ñasaindy Barrett, Sandra Domingues, Eliana de Freitas, José Roberto Michelazzo, Marcelo Zelic


Screenplay: Rodrigo Siqueira

Director of Photography: Leo Resende Ferreira

Film Editor: Lessandro Sócrates, Rodrigo Siqueira

Composer: Antonio Farinaci

Sound: Célio Dutra

Producer: Rodrigo Siqueira

Production Company: 7Estrelo Filmes

Co-Producer: Petra Costa

Co-Production Company: Busca Vida Filmes

Director: Rodrigo Siqueira


Rodrigo Siqueira was born in Brasil, 1973. His debut, THE EARTH GIVETH, THE EARTH TAKETH, received the most awards of any Brazilian documentary in 2010-11 and the Young Talent award at the Dok Leipzig festival in Germany. He was nominated as best Latin American documentary director at CineLatino in New York. ORESTES is Rodrigo Siqueira's second feature documentary.