Filmfest 2016

Melva Neddy lives, prays and struggles in Memphis, Tennessee, amid Elvis worship and monumental facades, along with her son Benny, who may be autistic and definitely has anger issues. When the drugs don‘t work anymore, Melva turns to faith healer Abe Wilkins. The evangelical preacher has to confront his own demons as well as Benny’s if he wants to help the boy.

tags: Society, Motherhood, Religion, Guilt, Feature film

Cast: David Harewood, Edwina Findley, RaJay Chandler, Preston Shannon, Helen Bowman


Screenplay: Jake Mahaffy

Director of Photography: Ava Berkofsky

Film Editor: Jake Mahaffy, Michael Taylor, Simon Price

Composer: Tim Oxton

Production Designer: C. Michael Andrews

Costume Design: Jami Villers

Sound: Bruce Langley

Producer: Mike S. Ryan, Mike Bowes, Brent Steifel

Production Company: Greyshock Films, Votiv Films

Co-Producer: Georgina Allison Conder

World Sales: Stray Dogs

Director: Jake Mahaffy


Jake Mahaffy attended Rhode Island School of Design and the Art Institute of Chicago. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand, where he teaches at the university. His low-budget films like WAR (2004) or WELLNESS (2008) screened at Sundance, Venice or SXSW, among others.