Filmfest 2016

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Recommended for ages 8 and up

Young Sacha can’t accept the fact her grandfather never came back from his expedition to the North Pole. In 1882, she sets out from Saint Petersburg on the long trek to find her grandpa. To face the difficult journey, she has to follow in his footsteps, learning everything about sailing and artic expeditions. But no doubt about it, Sacha is so driven she’ll make it.

We would like to thank LAG Film Bayern for their support.

tags: Animation, Loneliness, Women, Youth/Coming of Age, Nordic, Journey

Speaker: Christa Théret, Feodor Atkine, Thomas Sagols, Rémi Caillebot, Audrey Sablé


Screenplay: Claire Paoletti, Patricia Valeix, Fabrice de Costil

Film Editor: Benjamin Massoubre

Composer: Jonathan Morali

Sound: Régis Diebold

Producer: Ron Dyens

Production Company: Sacrebleu Productions

Co-Producer: Henri Magalon

Co-Production Company: Maybe Movies, 2 Minutes, Norlum, France 3 Cinéma

World Sales: UDI

Director: Rémi Chayé


Rémi Chayé studied graphic arts at ESAG Penninghen art academy, Paris and worked as illustrator and storyboard artist before taking up animation. Storyboards and layouts for TV series like PRINCESSE SHÉHÉRAZADE and animation for La Fabrique production co. as well as on animated films LES ENFANTS DE LA PLUIE (2003) and L’ÎLE DE BLACK MOR (2004). He studied animation directing at La Poudrière academy in Valence since 2003, followed by THE SECRET OF KELLS (2009), THE PAINTING (2011) and WHY I DID (NOT) EAT MY FATHER (2015), as storyboarder and assistant director. TOUT EN HAUT DU MONDE (2015) is Rémi Chayé‘s feature film debut.