Filmfest 2016

Arthur Martinez is a computer techie in Denver who dreams of being an actor. He hasn’t had so many offers yet, so Arthur hires two directors to document his life and catapult him into the limelight. But director and star develop creative differences – and when they cast a female lead who reminds Arthur of his ex-wife, things start getting really awkward. In their fictional documentary – or documentary fiction – Mike Ott and Nathan Silver playfully interweave hope and disappointment, reality and illusion, art and commerce playfully and yet touchingly.

tags: Work, Filmmaking, Humor, Portrait

Cast: Arthur Martinez, Lindsay Burdge, Mike Ott, Nathan Silver, Kenneth Berba


Screenplay: Mike Ott, Nathan Silver

Director of Photography: Adam J. Minnick

Film Editor: Gerald D. Rossini

Composer: Paul Grimstad

Production Designer: Grace Sloan

Costume Design: Grace Sloan

Sound: Alfonso Sanz Arribas

Producer: Britta Erikson, Katie Shapiro, Patrick Hackett, Heika Burnison

Production Company: Mary Jane Films

World Sales: Mary Jane Films

Director: Michael Ott, Nathan Silver


Mike Ott (first) attended California Institute of the Arts. His debut feature LITTLEROCK won numerous awards, including at the AFI Fest 2010. Together with PEARBLOSSOM HWY (2012) and LAKE LOS ANGELES (2014), it forms his Desert Trilogy.

Nathan Silver (second) grew up in Brooklyn and graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts 2005. He has earned a reputation for low-budget, emotionally intense tragicomedies like UNCERTAIN TERMS (2014) and STINKING HEAVEN (2015), both screened at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN.