Filmfest 2016

German Age Rating

Hermann Vaske last screened his doc ARTEHOLIC about Udo Kier at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2014. Now, Vaske portrays another subject obsessed by art and cinema: Dennis Hopper (1936-2010). A journey down the cinematic highway, from Hopper’s youth on the plains of Kansas to his career in and on the edge of Hollywood. His friends and fellow travelers such as Wim Wenders, Isabella Rossellini and Michael Madsen, as well as artists like architect Frank Gehry, recall Dennis Hopper – pieces of a puzzle making up a fascinating, multi-faceted portrait.

tags: Documentary, Memories, Filmmaking, Art, Portrait

With: Dennis Hopper, Julian Schnabel, Wim Wenders, Michael Madsen, Diane Kruger


Screenplay: Hermann Vaske

Director of Photography: Patricia Lewandowska, Sasha Rendulic

Film Editor: Carsten Piefke

Composer: Dave Stewart

Producer: Hermann Vaske

Production Company: Emotional Network GmbH

World Sales: Journeyman Pictures Ltd.

Director: Hermann Vaske


Hermann Vaske is writer, director and producer. He worked with actors like Harvey Keitel, Sir Peter Ustinov, John Cleese and Dennis Hopper, winning numerous prizes, including the Grimme Prize. After studying at Berlin Art Academy and the American Film Institute, vaske worked as Creative Director and shot TV docs about David Bowie and Yohji Yamamoto.