Filmfest 2016

Margaret lives by herself in Dublin. Her life changes overnight when she finds out her 18-year-old son is dead. Struggling with her mourning and depression, she meets young vagrant Joe and takes him in. They develop a unique relationship, only disrupted by the reappearance of her abusive husband and a violent youth gang. An emotionally charged drama featuring Australian star Rachel Griffiths from SIX FEET UNDER torn between motherly love and rekindled passion.

tags: Relationship, Violence, Youth/Coming of Age, Motherhood, Feature film

Cast: Rachel Griffiths, Barry Keoghan, Michael McElhatton


Screenplay: Rebecca Daly, Glenn Montgomery

Director of Photography: Lennart Verstegen

Film Editor: Halina Daugird

Composer: Rutger Reinders

Production Designer: Audrey Hernu

Costume Design: Uli Simon

Sound: Mike Butcher

Producer: Conor Barry, Macdara Kelleher

Production Company: Fastnet Films

Co-Producer: Jesus Gonzales, Gilles Chanial, Reinier Selen

Co-Production Company: Calach Films, Les Films Fauves, Rinkel Film

World Sales: Picture Tree International GmbH

Director: Rebecca Daly


Rebecca Daly was born in UK 1980. Mystery drama THE OTHER SIDE OF SLEEP (2011) was her first feature film. MAMMAL (2016) was invited to Sundance.