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Ambition make people do strange things. In the case of the freshly-elected mayor of Rio de Janeiro, who wants to make history, he resolves to declare independence from Brazil. The social climber leaves out no chance to stuff his pockets while founding his own country, while the city he runs becomes mired more and more in eternal construction work – and he is haunted by visions of a lady in white, a flickering surrealist mirage in this contempo, hit-button corruption satire.

tags: Latin America, Politics, Feature film, Urban, Surreal

Cast: Nizo Neto, Gustavo Novaes, Djin Sganzerla


Screenplay: Bruno Safadi

Director of Photography: Lucas Barbi

Film Editor: Ricardo Pretti

Composer: Edson Secco

Production Designer: Moa Batsow, Jade Mariani, Luiza Moura

Costume Design: Moa Batsow, Jade Mariani, Luiza Moura

Sound: Uerlem Queiroz, Edson Secco

Producer: Bruno Safadi

Production Company: TB Produções

Co-Producer: Cavi Borges, Canal Brasil, Pedro Peregrino

Co-Production Company: Cavideo, Canal Brasil, Pedro Peregrino

Director: Bruno Safadi


Bruno Safadi, born 1980, studied film at Universidade Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro. After several short films, he made his debut feature 2007 with MEU NOME É DINDI. His next films BELAIR (2009), ÉDEN (2012) and O FIM DE UMA ERA (2014) all screened at Munich. Safadi co-founded production shingle TB Produções.