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A young woman dies unexpectedly in Berlin, leaving the people around her in shock: Speechless and struggling for the right words, feelings and perspectives after this tragedy. It will take her friend Lawrence several summers and four places – Berlin, Paris, Annecy, New York – to learn how to recover. In his story, director Mikhaël Hers finds despair as well as hope and outrage at how commonplace what strikes us as so devastating is.

tags: Love, Feature film, Urban, Death, Grief/Trauma

Cast: Anders Danielsen Lie, Judith Chemla, Marie Rivière, Féodor Atkine, Lana Cooper


Screenplay: Mikhaël Hers, Mariette Désert

Director of Photography: Sébastien Buchmann

Film Editor: Marion Monnier

Composer: David Sztanke

Production Designer: Sidney Dubois

Costume Design: Caroline Spieth

Sound: Dimitri Haulet, Julien Gigliotti, Nicolas Moreau, Vincent Vatoux, Daniel Sobrino

Producer: Pierre Guyard

Production Company: Nord-Ouest Films

Co-Producer: Vanessa Ciszewski, Olivier Père, Rémi Burah

Co-Production Company: Katuh Studio, Arte France Cinema

World Sales: Pyramide International

Distributor: Rendezvous Filmverleih

Director: Mikhaël Hers


Mikhaël Hers, born 1975, graduated from La Fémis in Paris 2004. He works as a producer and began making short films with CHARELL (2006) and MONTPARNASSE (2009), which both screened in Cannes, the latter winning the award of the Société des Réalisateurs de films. His first feature film MEMORY LANE screened at Locarno 2010.