Filmfest 2016

The French Open in the Scottish Highlands, tennis on the eve of the Apocalypse – while the world plunges into Armaggedon, André and Stéphanie want to realize their dream of organizing a tennis tourney. When soldier Ralph crosses their path, they manage to convince him to put down his guns and take up the racquet instead. Only the balls are missing. A surreal parable against war and in favor of sports.

tags: War, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Feature film, Sports

Cast: James Northcote, Maia Levasseur-Costil, Pierre Benoist


Screenplay: Marc Lahore

Director of Photography: Marc Lahore

Film Editor: Marc Lahore, Benjamin Minet

Composer: Jean-Baptiste Hanak

Production Designer: Sarah Pariset

Costume Design: Emilie Largier

Sound: Romain Magloire

Producer: Cyril Cadars, Marc Lahore

Production Company: Village 42

Co-Producer: Joao Vinhas, Leigh Hatwell

Co-Production Company: Rubykub, Ring Ring Ring, Bruit Blanc, Stuff Movie, Studio KGB

Director: Marc Lahore


Marc Lahore, French director, screenwriter and editor, developed a love of movies and comics early. He worked as projectionist and TV editor. Shortly before joining the civil service as a teacher, he gave up his teaching job and decided to become a filmmaker. After short films like PIRATES (2006) and DO (2014), THE OPEN is his debut feature.