Filmfest 2016

Four generations of a family – all complete loons. They gravitate around the 94-year-old grandma, who lived in seventy-two different places in the course of her life, moving to avoid danger and strife, on the run from history, basically. Now, she tells her daughter the whole story – a century of funny, tragic and heart-warming stories.

tags: Family, History, Humor, War, Feature film

Cast: Eszter Ónodi, Danuta Szaflarska, Tibor Gáspár, Juli Básti, Barkó György


Screenplay: Ibolya Fekete

Director of Photography: Francisco Gózon

Film Editor: Károly Szalay

Production Designer: Szabolcs Lang

Costume Design: Györgyi Szakács

Sound: Róbert Juhász

Producer: Gábor Garami

Production Company: Cinema-Film

Co-Producer: Nicole Gerhards, Kalin Kalinov, Gabriel Dettre

Co-Production Company: NiKo Film, KaBoal Pictures

Director: Ibolya Fekete


Ibolya Fekete was born in Pásztó, Hungary, in 1951. Her feature film debut BOLSHE VITA (1996) won numerous awards. CHICO (2001), about Hungarian secret agent Eduardo Rózsa Flores, won Best Director at Karlovy Vary and the Grand Prize of the Hungarian Film Week 2002. She then shot several docs before making TV movie THE MASTER AND MARGARITA, based on the novel by Michail Bulgakov 2005.