Filmfest 2016

A comedy about an everyday American kid who writes erotic fanfiction.
“Neil (Michael Johnston), a 15-year-old suburban Texas high schooler, channels his inchoate homoerotic urgings into writing purple-prose ‘slash fiction’ (i.e., fanfic celebrating same-sex close encounters) about the polysexual misadventures of Vanguard, the hunky hero of a mainstream sci-fi franchise. When jeering classmates swipe and share a notebook filled with his scribbled tales, the introverted young writer is mortified. But his public humiliation attracts the attention of a far less inhibited kindred spirit: Julia (Hannah Marks), a slightly older fellow student who also dabbles in erotic fanfic and self-dramatizes to the max. With characteristic brio, she encourages Neil to post his slash fiction on a nominally adults-only website geared toward fans and creators of sexually charged (and highly unauthorized) stories about high-profile fictional characters…” –Joe Leydon, Variety

tags: Youth/Coming of Age, Literature, Queer, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Feature film

Cast: Michael Johnston, Hannah Marks, Michael Ian Black, Missi Pyle, Jessie Ennis


Screenplay: Clay Liford

Director of Photography: Ellie Ann Fenton

Film Editor: Bryan Poyser, David Fabelo

Composer: Curtis Heath, Lauren Sanders

Production Designer: Chelsea Turner

Costume Design: Nichole Hull, Annell Brodeur

Sound: Renée Stairs

Producer: Brock WIlliams, Jason Wehling

Production Company: Boxcar Films

Co-Producer: Traci Carlson, Steven J. Berger

Co-Production Company: Arts+Labor

World Sales: Reel Suspects

Director: Clay Liford


Clay Liford was born in New York City in 1974 and studied film at University of Texas. He was DoP on over 20 productions, including award-winners ST. NICK (2009) and GAYBY (2012). His directing credits include horror anthology A FOUR COURSE MEAL (2006), science-fictioner EARTHLING (2010) and high school comedy WUSS (2011).