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One of the most famous examples of New Hollywood: In small-town Texas in the early 50s, a gang of teens has their first encounters with love and sex, testing their friendships sorely. Ellen Bursty plays an icy blonde, the mother of local beauty Jacy. Bored, she has an affair with oil worker Abilene, who sets his sights on Lacy next.

tags: Friendship, Youth/Coming of Age, Sexuality, Feature film

Cast: Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges, Ellen Burstyn, Cybill Shepherd


Screenplay: Larry McMurtry, Peter Bogdanovich

Original Material: Larry McMurtry

Director of Photography: Robert Surtees

Film Editor: Donn Cambern

Composer: Hank Williams

Production Designer: Polly Platt

Costume Design: Nancy McArdle, Mickey Sherrard

Sound: Tom Overton

Producer: Stephen J. Friedman

Production Company: BBS Productions

Distributor: Park Circus Ltd.

Director: Peter Bogdanovich


Peter Bogdanovich was born in Kingston, New York, 1939. He trained as an actor with Stella Adler, acting and directing for the stage in New York and writing film criticism. He began working as assistant and co-author to Roger Corman, who produced his directing debut TARGET (1968). LAST PICTURE SHOW was his second film, and was nominated for eight Oscars, won two. His road movie PAPER MOON (1973) also won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress (Tatum O‘Neal). His latest film SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY (2014) starring Owen Wilson and Imogen Poots premiered in Venice.