Filmfest 2016

An anti-biopic, a wild, energetic trip through time into the mythological and political past of Chile: Pablo Neruda, poet, Senator, Communist, was to go into hiding 1948 for publicly criticizing President Gabriel González Videla. He goes on the run with his wife Delia, pursured by dogged investigator Gael Garcia Bernal, the very unreliable narrator of the film and his own detective story.

tags: History, Latin America, Literature, Feature film

Cast: Luis Gnecco, Gael García Bernal, Mercedes Morán, Diego Muñoz, Pablo Derqui


Screenplay: Guillermo Calderón

Director of Photography: Sergio Armstrong

Film Editor: Hervé Schneid

Composer: Federico Jusid

Production Designer: Estefanía Larraín

Costume Design: Muriel Parra

Sound: Miguel Hormazábal

Producer: Juan de Dios Larraín, Alex Zito, Juan Pablo García, Ignacio Rey, Peter Danner, Fernanda del Nido, Jeff Skoll

Production Company: Fabula, AZ Films, Funny Balloons, Setembro Cine, Participant Media

Co-Producer: Axel Kuschevatsky, Marc Simoncini

Co-Production Company: Telefé, Reborn Production

World Sales: Funny Balloons

Distributor: Piffl Medien GmbH

Director: Pablo Larraín


Pablo Larraín, born 1976 in Santiago de Chile, is one of the leading filmmakers of Chile. He studied at Universidad de las Artes, Ciencia y Comunicación de Chile and founded production company Fábula with his brother Juan de Dios Larraín 2005. FILMFEST MÜNCHEN screened POST MORTEM 2010, set in the last days of Salvador Allende’s presidency. THE CLUB, about abuse in the Catholic Church, made waves internationally 2015.