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2015 saw the the digital restoration of Jacques Rivette’s magnum opus OUT 1 (1971). To coincide with this event, filmmakers Robert Fischer and Wilfried Reichart interviewed cast and crew members and revisited some of the film’s most significant locations. THE MYSTERIES OF PARIS: JACQUES RIVETTE’S OUT 1 REVISITED features first-hand accounts from actors Bulle Ogier, Michael Lonsdale and Hermine Karagheuz, cinematographer Pierre-William Glenn, assistant director Jean-François Stévenin and producer Stéphane Tchal Gadjieff, but also rare archival interviews with director Jacques Rivette himself.

tags: Documentary, Filmmaking, Theatre

With: Bulle Ogier, Michael Lonsdale, Hermine Karagheuz, Pierre-William Glenn, Stéphane Tchal Gadjieff


Screenplay: Robert Fischer, Wilfried Reichart

Director of Photography: Robert Fischer

Film Editor: Robert Fischer

Sound: Robert Fischer

Producer: Robert Fischer

Production Company: Fiction Factory Robert Fischer Filmproduktion

World Sales: Fiction Factory Robert Fischer Filmproduktion

Distributor: Fiction Factory Robert Fischer Filmproduktion

Director: Robert Fischer, Wilfried Reichart


Robert Fischer (left), born in 1954, is a programmer for FILFEST MÜNCHEN. He started writing about film in the mid-1970 and has written books on Hitchcock, Welles, David Lynch, Jean-Pierre Melville, Bresson, Fassbinder and others. German translator of Truffaut's complete writings and André Bazin’s 'What Is Cinema?'. His documentaries on the cinema have been screened at numerous international festivals.

Wilfried Reichart (right) was the head of WDR film criticism from 1980 to 2004. He co-produced dramatic and documentary films, including Harald Bergmann‘s Hölderlin film SCARDANELLI and BRINKMANNS ZORN, and produced shows about Jean-Luc Godard, Luis Bunuel, Jacques Rivette and other masters. He lives in Cologne.