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A fortysomething couple, Tom (Kai Wiesinger) and Hanna (Bettina Zimmermann), is sticking to it – even after 20 years of marriage. In Season 3, they move into a bigger place with their kids, but everything goes wrong: Walls are missing, the electricity doesn’t work... While the parents have to deal with vegan guests and the school psychologist, daughter Emmi gets in hot water over a missent emoji. Ten new episodes of Germany’s most successful web series, featuring guest stars Christiane Paul, Johann von Bülow, Daniel Aminati and Julia Bremermann, among others.

tags: Aging, Relationship, Family, Humor, Series

Cast: Kai Wiesinger, Bettina Zimmermann, Luise Befort, Benjamin Stein, Christiane Paul, Johann von Bülow, Aglaia Szyszkowitz, Nadine Warmuth, Joyce Ilg, Daniel Aminati, Eugen Bauder


Screenplay: Kai Wiesinger (Headwriter), Tac Romey (Headwriter), Sebastian Stojetz, Don Schubert, Bernd Blaschke, Ferdinand Arthuber

Director of Photography: Birgit Dierken

Film Editor: Daniel Scheimberg

Composer: Daniele Pianigiani, Michele Balduzzi

Production Designer: Stefan Rohde

Costume Design: Bettina Zimmermann

Sound: Benjamin Dunker

Producer: Tac Romey, Robert van Binsbergen, Kai Wiesinger

Production Company: Phantomfilm GmbH

Co-Producer: Jens Doka, Nicole Kaspareth

Co-Production Company: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH

Director: Kai Wiesinger


Kai Wiesinger, born 1966 in Hanover, studied drama in Munich and had his breakout hit with Sönke Wortmann’s LITTLE SHARKS, which premiered at Munich 1992. The Bavarian Film Prize winner went on to star in films like Roland Suso Richter‘s 14 DAYS TO LIFE (1996), Joseph Vilsmaier’s COMEDIAN HARMONISTS (1997), Marcus Rosenmüller‘s WUNDERKINDER (2011), Dieter Wedel‘s two-parter GIER (2009) or as German President Christian Wulff in Thomas Schadt‘s DER RÜCKTRITT (2014). He developed and wrote the concept and scripts of THE GLORY IS GONE and directed the web series with his partner and co-star Bettina Zimmermann.