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Based on a true story: In July 1982, André Bamberski finds out about his daughter Kalinka’s death while visiting her mother and step-father Dr. Krombach. Bamberski blames Krombach for the tragedy, and does everything he can to hold him accountable. But before him lies a long legal battle with the authorities, a struggle and hope that will fulfill Bamberski’s life.

tags: Family, Francophone, Justice, Feature film, Death

Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Marie Josée Croze, Sebastian Koch, Emma Besson, Serge Feuillard


Screenplay: Vincent Garenq, Julien Rappeneau

Director of Photography: Renaud Chassaing

Film Editor: Valérie Deseine

Composer: Nicolas Errèra

Production Designer: Delphine De Casanove, Jessica Labet

Costume Design: Marie Laure Lasson

Sound: Pascal Villard

Producer: Hugo Bergson-Vuillaume, Cyril Colbeau-Justin, Jean-Baptiste Dupont

Production Company: LGM Cinema, Black Mask Productions, Studiocanal, TF1 Films Productions

Co-Production Company: Nexus Factory, Umedia, Arena Multimedia Group

Distributor: Koch Films GmbH

Director: Vincent Garenq


Writer-director Vincent Garenq began working as a TV journalist before shooting feature films like PRÉSUMÉ COUPABLE (2011) and L'ENQUÊTE (2014).