Filmfest 2017

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THE CAMBRIDGE SQUATTER tells the story of refugees, recently arrived in Brazil who, together with a group of low-income workers, occupy an old abandoned building in downtown São Paulo. Daily dramas, comical situations and different views on the world commingle with the threat of impending eviction. In a mix of doc and fiction film, director Eliane Caffé depicts the consequences of globalization amid the morbid charm and decay of São Paulo. “Films in Construction Award” 2015 in San Sebastian.

tags: Documentary, Friendship, Cultural Conflict, Latin America, Human Rights, Current Affairs

With: José Dumont, Suely Franco, Carmem da Silva Ferreira, Magaly Silva, Jussamara Leonor Manoel


Screenplay: Eliane Caffé, Luis Alberto de Abreu, Inês Figueiró

Director of Photography: Bruno Risas

Film Editor: Márcio Hashimoto

Composer: Lucia Pulido

Production Designer: Carla Caffé, Escola da Cidade

Sound: Ricardo Reis

Producer: Rui Pires, André Montenegro, Amiel Tenenbaum and Edgar Tenembaum

Production Company: Aurora Filmes

Co-Production Company: Tu Vas Voir, Apoio, Nephilim

World Sales: Fandango

Director: Eliane Caffé


Eliane Caffé was born in 1961 in São Paulo, Brazil. After studying psychology, she began studying film at Havana film school EICTV. After several shorts, she shot her first feature film KENOMA in 1997, which won a "Soleil d'or" in Biarritz. In 2003 and 2009, she followed up with award-winners NARRADORES DE JAVÉ and O SOL DO MEIO DIA, before making a doc-fiction hybrid with THE CAMBRIDGE SQUATTER 2016. She also conducts film workshops in various Brazilian conflict hotspots.