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Summer is over. The last train leaves the remote beach resort of Biligen. Now the town is deserted. Only Louise is left, an old lady who missed the train. But not to worry: Louise, left behind, adapts to her predicament, defying wind and weather, and reminiscing about her youth, the war, her mother and her first love. As she waits for winter to pass, she builds herself a little wood shack and befriends a dog who talks and listens to her. A finely-crafted, subtle Robinson Crusoe story about age, solitude, the power of memory and what remains of life.

tags: Aging, Animation, Loneliness, Memories, Happiness

Speaker: Dominique Frot, Diane Dassigny, Tom Anthony, Jean-François Laguionie


Screenplay: Jean-François Laguionie

Film Editor: Kara Blake

Composer: Pierre Kellner, Pascal Le Pennec

Producer: Jean-Pierre Lemouland, Galilé Marion-Gauvin

Production Company: JPL Films

Co-Production Company: Unité Centrale

World Sales: Films Distribution

Director: Jean-François Laguionie


Jean-François Laguionie was born in Besançon, France in 1939. He was interested in the stage at first, until meeting French master of animation Paul Grimault got him interested in cartoons. Grimault produced Laguionie’s first three shorts. Laguionie won a César in 1979 for Best Animated Short for ROWING ACROSS THE ATLANTIC. While working on GWEN, OR THE BOOK OF SAND, Laguionie founded studio La Fabrique. In 1999 he won Best Animated Film at the 5th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival in Hungary for A MONKEY’S TALE. THE ISLAND OF BLACK MÓR followed in 2003. THE PAINTING (2011), combining animation and live-action, won Best Film at the 8th Kecskemét Festival.