Filmfest 2017

German Age Rating

Paulien has a pronounced social streak: She takes care of her patients as a nurse, her two kids and her old dad. Since she's so popular, the right-wing party Le Bloc asks her to run for town hall. Pauline is really a leftist, but feels tickled by the offer – and lets the charismatic Bloc leader Agnès Dorgnelle lull her in. The film by Belgian director Lucas Belvaux evokes the Front National in France and its leader Marine Le Pen.

tags: Francophone, Women, Politics, Feature film

Cast: Émilie Dequenne, André Dussollier, Guillaume Gouix, Catherine Jacob, Anne Marivin


Screenplay: Lucas Belvaux, Jérôme Leroy

Director of Photography: Pierric Gantelmi d'Ille

Film Editor: Ludo Troch

Composer: Frédéric Vercheval

Production Designer: Frédérique Belvaux

Costume Design: Dorothée Guiraud

Sound: Quentin Collette, Mathieu Weber, Luc Thomas

Producer: David Frenkel, Patrick Quinet

Production Company: Synecdoche, Artemis Productions

Co-Production Company: France 3 Cinéma, RTBF (télévision belge)

World Sales: Le Pacte

Distributor: Alamode Filmdistribution oHG

Director: Lucas Belvaux


Lucas Belvaux was born November 14, 1961 in Namur, Belgium. After spending his childhood in the countryside, he decided to move to Paris to become an actor. After a few month of acting classes, he landed a part in a TV movie, followed by his first feature film, ALLONS Z'ENFANTS by Yves Boisset. Ten years later, he wrote and shot his first film, PARFOIS TROP D'AMOUR (1992).