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In the far mountains of Ningxia’s province, old Ma Zishan and his son are mourning his wife. Loved by everyone in the village and the family, the son wants to sacrifice their only bull for her 40 Days’ Absence ceremony. Zishan isn’t against it, but his sorrow and his love for the old animal give him doubts. Even his prayers and the Imam’s reassurance don’t seem to erase his doubts. Until one morning, the old bull stops eating and drinking. Has he seen the knife in the clear water?

Supported by Confucius Institute Headquarters

A Filmmakers Live panel will take place on June 30 in the Black Box under the title “China: The Revolution Goes on”

tags: Far East, Nature, Religion, Feature film

Cast: Shengcang Yang, Shengcang Yang, Jinhua Zhou, Fan Yang, Xue Yang


Screenplay: Shuqing Shi, Xuebo Wang, Jinlian Ma, Yue Ma

Director of Photography: Weihua Wang

Film Editor: Qingsong Liao, Xiaodong Guo, Xuebo Wang

Production Designer: Wei Yang

Sound: Kang Fu

Producer: Xuebo Wang, Zijan Wang, Cheng Chen, Jian Chen

Production Company: Beijing Ocean&Time Culture Communication Co,.Ltd, Zhejiang Jiashang film and media Co., Ltd., Xinhuanet Co Ltd., Sichuan Branch Ning Xia Ming Dao Culture Development, Limited Co., Ltd., Beijing Bolaa Advertisement Media Co., Ltd., Blackfin (Beijing) Culture & Media Co., Ltd.

World Sales: Asian Shadows

Director: Xuebo Wang


WANG Xuebo was born in December 1984. He started his film career as a producer, with films like Pema Tseden’s THARLO. The film Premiered in Venice in 2015 and won many awards including Tokyo FilmEx, Golden Horse awards, APSA, and Vesoul. Started in 2010, KNIFE IN THE CLEAR WATER was completed in 2016, and is WANG Xuebo’s first feature.