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"I can earn in three minutes what my mother earns in a month." As a gangster, Metin has a financially secure but dangerous life with his widowed mother and little brother in Stockholm suburb Jordbro. His father told him what it takes to be a man: Father a child, plant a tree and write a book. When a well-known publisher gets their hands on Metin's diary, his dream of literary fame could even come true. But what will Metin's fellow gangsters say about his tell-all book? The tough con winds up in hot water, and shakes up the respectable publishing world with his hands-on charm.

tags: Violence, Comedy, Nordic, Feature film

Cast: Can Demirtas, Jörgen Thorsson, Selma Caglar, Lena Endre, Toni-Prince Tvrtkovic


Screenplay: Can Dermirtas, Ivica Zubak

Director of Photography: Erik Vallsten

Film Editor: Rickard Krantz

Composer: Filip Runesson

Production Designer: Kajsa Ahlman, Lovisa Brandel

Costume Design: Mimmi Mäenpää

Sound: Eduardo Rodriguez

Producer: Abbe Hassan

Production Company: Indian Summer Film

Co-Producer: Tomas Eskilsson, Daniel Thisell

Co-Production Company: Film i Väst

World Sales: TriArt Film

Director: Ivica Zubak


Ivica Zubak was born in Slavonski Brod, Eastern Croatia, in 1978. Short JEALOUS was his directing debut 2005. Shorts AVSKED (2006) and PLANTERA KYSSAR (2008) followed, before his feature debut KNÄCKA 2009.