Filmfest 2017

German Age Rating

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A little paper umbrella, the kind used to decorate ice cream sundaes, has attracted the attention of Fredo Schulz (Armin Rohde) when chief inspectors Milan Filipovic (Edin Hasanovic) and Lola Karras (Nele Kiper) come looking for him on the North Sea. Ashley Bols (Amala Fischer), a seven-year-old girl, has disappeared. She's the third girl already. Schulz couldn't save the last two. They haven't been found yet, but Schulz just knows they're dead. He is sure he knows who the culprit is, though: Roland Bischoff (Axel Prahl).

tags: Family, Grief/Trauma, Crime/Murder, Feature film

Cast: Armin Rohde, Edin Hasanovic, Johann von Bülow, Melika Foroutan, Axel Prahl


Screenplay: Lars Becker

Director of Photography: Andreas Zickgraf

Film Editor: Eva Schnare

Composer: Hinrich Dageför, Stefan Wulff

Production Designer: Susanne Dieringer, Yasmin Khalifa

Costume Design: Fana Becker

Sound: Michael Eiler

Producer: Wolfgang Cimera, Bettina Wente

Production Company: Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH & Co KG

Director: Lars Becker

Editor: Daniel Blum

TV channel: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)


Lars Becker, born in Hanover, studied film at HfBK in Hamburg. He began writing mysteries in the early '90s, then co-founded Wüste Filmproduktion, and still runs his own shingle, Cinescript. He is the showrunner of ZDF series NACHTSCHICHT (NIGHT SHIFT), which has been aired since 2003. He is a regular at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, having premiered BUNTE HUNDE (COLORFUL DOGS, 1995), LANDGANG FÜR RINGO (FURLOUGH FOR RINGO, 1996), KANAK ATTACK (2003), UNTER FEINDEN (AMONG ENEMIES, 2013) and ZUM STERBEN ZU FRÜH (TOO SOON TO DIE, 2015) here. TOO SOON TO DIE won Best Director at the German TV Prize 2016.