Filmfest 2017

German Age Rating

Summer 1975. In a village on the eastern coast of Puglia, war is rekindled between the sons of the well-to-do familes and the children of the local fishermen, shepherds, and farmers: the so-called cafoni or bumpkins. Hostilities are declared by the leader of the well-to-do families, whose real first name is Angelo, but whose nickname bears the mark of a champion and of the perfidious: Francisco Marinho (a buccaneering Brazilian soccer star of the period), also known as the Evil One. Obsessed with his hatred for the cafoni – part buffoon, part local soccer-league George Bush – Francisco Marino fights in the name of the class division and historic continuity. When, however, out of a tragicomic misunderstanding, his vision of the world is undercut by a new dimension of compassion – or perhaps love – for a young cafona, or bumpkin woman, the separation between good and evil, previously always so clear, begins to cloud over.

tags: Friendship, Society, Youth/Coming of Age, Feature film

Cast: Ernesto Mahieux, Claudio Santamaria, Donato Paterno


Screenplay: Barbara Albert, Davide Barletti, Giulio Calvani, Lorenzo Conte, Carlo D’Amicis

Original Material: Carlo D’Amicis

Director of Photography: Duccio Cimatti

Film Editor: Jacopo Quadri

Composer: David Aaron Logan

Production Designer: Eglo Calo’

Costume Design: Angela Tomasicchio

Sound: Angelo Bonanni

Producer: Daniele Di Gennaro

Production Company: Minimum Fax Media

Co-Producer: amedeo Pagani

Co-Production Company: La Luna productions

World Sales: Rai Com

Director: Davide Barletti, Lorenzo Conte


Davide Barletti (Lecce, 1972) and Lorenzo Conte (Rome, 1974) are among the founders of the audiovisual collective Fluid Video Crew, with whom they make video installations and documentaries for television, and which also screen at national and international festivals. They co-wrote and co-directed ITALIAN SUD EST (2003), FINE PENA MAI (2008), DIARIO DI UNO SCURO (2009), NON C’ERA NESSUNA SIGNORA A QUEL TAVOLO (2010), UN RITRATTO DI ETTORE SCOLA (2011), LE VOCI DI UNA RIVOLTA, ARGENTINA, 2001-2011, THEO ANGELOPOULOS, IL POETA DEL TEMPO (2012), and IL PAESE DOVE GLI ALBERI VOLANO, co-directed by Jacopo Quadri (2015).