Filmfest 2017

German Age Rating

After the Communists built a wall through the village of Tannbach at the end of Season 1, dividing it into west and east, the fronts now harden in Season 2. While the Thuringian half-lives under Socialism in East Germany, the Bavarian half in the West enjoys the economic miracle of capitalism. Then the Wall claims its first victims. A microcosm of the division of Germany during the Cold War.

tags: Family, History, Society, Series, Urban

Cast: Henriette Confurius, Heiner Lauterbach, Martina Gedeck, Anna Loos, Jonas Nay


Screenplay: Silke Zertz

Original Material: Josephin von Thayenthal, Robert von Thayenthal

Director of Photography: Ian Blumers

Film Editor: Simon Blasi

Composer: Fabian Römer

Production Designer: Knut Loewe

Costume Design: Esther Amuser

Sound: Albrecht Harms

Producer: Gabriela Sperl, Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann

Production Company: Wiedemann & Berg Television GmbH & Co. KG

Co-Producer: Filip Hering

Co-Production Company: Wilma Film S.R.O.

Director: Alexander Dierbach

Editor: Caroline von Senden, Solveig Cornelisen

TV channel: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)


Alexander Dierbach was born in Málaga in 1979, studied film at Munich film school HFF, and then went on to direct several TV series and movies, including episodes of SCENE OF THE CRIME and MUNICH MURDER. Alexander Dierbach won numerous national and international awards for the first season of TANNBACH, and was nominated for the Grimme Prize. Season 2 will premiere at Munich.