Filmfest 2017

German Age Rating

With the 13th Street Shocking Short, NBC Universal cable channel 13th Street has been rewarding talented new German-language directors for 15 years. Numerous young aspiring directors compete with their short films from the genres of Action, Thriller, Horror, Mystery and Crime for a unique prize: Taking part in the Universal Film Masters Program in Hollywood. 13th Street will send the winner on a two-week intensive course at the famous Universal Studios, to learn from the pros: Script development, production and marketing are among the major stations. The winner can take a peek behind the scenes of a major studio at screenings, meetings and various other events, and start building their Hollywood network.

The 13th Street Shocking Short will be presented at an exclusive event on Tuesday, June 27, at an undisclosed location which will only be revealed to invited guests at short notice. On Friday, June 30, the winner and finalists of the Shocking Shorts Award will be presented to the general audience by 13th Street in the City cinema (Atelier 1) as exclusive premiere.

tags: Film Industry Event, Horror, Award Ceremony