Filmfest 2017

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Jean-Claude Bernardet is old and sick. Brazil's most important living film critic recreates himself through his own destruction. Shifting between fiction and documentary, the film uses unusual tools to trigger the memory of the character and tell the story of a scholar who becomes an actor in his 70s. This is not a conventional biography; instead, it's a project built with its very character throughout the shooting – an essay on the appropriation of one's own body in old age.

tags: Aging, Documentary, Memories, Art, Feature film

With: Jean Claude Bernardet, Heloisa Jahn, Kiko Goifman, Cristiano Burlan, Cida Moreira, Vânia Debs, Tata Amaral


Screenplay: Claudia Priscilla, Kiko Goifman

Director of Photography: Pedro Marques

Film Editor: Pedro Marques, Guile Martins

Production Designer: Evelyn Barros

Sound: Livio Tragtenberg

Producer: Evelyn Barros, Jurandir Muller, Kiko Goifman

Production Company: PaleoTV

Co-Production Company: Canal Brasil

Director: Pedro Marques, Claudia Priscilla


Pedro Marques (first photo) is a filmmaker, editor and cinematographer. He graduated in cinema, and began his career as a documentary editor and cinematographer for feature films like LOOK AT ME AGAIN (2011) and IRON AND MILK (2010). His first film was the short LAERTE'S DRESS (2012), awarded as Best Film at the 45th Brasilia Film Festival.

Claudia Priscilla (second photo) is a filmmaker, writer and producer. She lives in São Paulo. Originally a journalist, she began her career in film making short films. Her first feature film, the documentary IRON AND MILK, was about motherhood in prison. In partnership with Kiko Goifman she also directed the feature film LOOK AT ME AGAIN, a road movie through the backlands of Brazilian Northeast, starring a transsexual man. The focus of her work as a director is the discussion of gender.