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Sofia Coppola's debut feature based on the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides is a monument to flighty, effervescent youth. Girls seem ephemeral things to pubescent boys, anyway, but the Lisbons are a special riddle to their contemporaries: After the youngest daughter Cecilia's suicide, their parents keep their remaining four daughters under lock and key more and more. It's a mystery that makes them all the more interesting to the neighbor boys. Young love will out, if need be catastrophically.

tags: Youth/Coming of Age, Sexuality, Feature film, Death

Cast: James Wood, Kathleen Turner, Kirsten Dunst, Hanna R. Hall, Josh Hartnett


Screenplay: Sofia Coppola

Original Material: Jeffrey Eugenides

Director of Photography: Edward Lachmann

Film Editor: Melissa Kent, James Lyons

Composer: Air

Production Designer: Jasna Stefanovic

Costume Design: Nancy Steiner

Sound: Richard Beggs

Producer: Francis Ford Coppola, Julie Costanzo, Dan Halsted, Chris Hanley

Production Company: American Zoetrope

Co-Producer: Gary Marcus, Fred Roos

Distributor: anthea associates film gmbh

Director: Sofia Coppola


Sofia Coppola was born in New York City in 1971 to Eleanor and Francis Ford Coppola. When she was just a few weeks old, her father cast der as Baby Michael Corleone in THE GODFATHER (1972). She continued to act in films like PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED (1986) and STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 – THE PHANTOM MENACE (1999). She became world-famous as a writer-director with THE VIRGIN SUICIDES (1999) and LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003), which earned her a Golden Globe as well as an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. SOMEWHERE won the Gold Lion in Venice 2010. Sofia Coppola often deals with the emotional void beneath glittery surfaces, and the gilded cages of the rich and famous.