Filmfest 2017

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Sole and Ana make a pact: they will never exchange their racing bicycles for a polluting, warm car. Their friends Frank, Gato and Lou are also married to their BMX: nothing is more important than stunts and night-time street races. In Sole’s grandmother’s garden, the girls find some old cars with, in one of the boots, a gruesome find that is a wake-up call. While they realize a secret dream by using one of the cars as an ‘Uber’ taxi, their friendship is also put to the test.

tags: Friendship, Society, Latin America, Feature film, Crime/Murder

Cast: Adriana Álvarez, Natalia Arias, Francisco Matamoros, Francisco „Gato“ Ortíz, Lou Uba


Screenplay: Julio Hernández Cordón

Director of Photography: Nicolás Wong

Film Editor: Mauricio Lenz

Production Designer: Carolina Lett

Costume Design: Carolina Lett

Sound: José Romel Tuñón

Producer: Adriana Álvarez, Natlia Arias, Nicolás Wong

Production Company: De raiz producciones

Co-Producer: Julio Hernández Cordón

Co-Production Company: Rey Poeta

Director: Julio Hernández Cordón


Julio Hernández Cordón was born in North Carolina in 1975 to a Mexican father and Guatemalan mother. He majored in Communications at the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala City, and in film at Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in Mexico City. His first feature film GASOLINE (2008) won the Horizonte Award at San Sebastian. MARIMBAS FROM HELL (2010) won the Jury Award at the Miami Film Festival. I PROMISE YOU ANARCHY screened in competition at Locarno.