Filmfest 2017

German Age Rating

One night a group of factory workers realize that their employer is stealing its own machines and raw materials. They organize to guard the equipment and keep production from being moved elsewhere. As a form of retaliation the workers are forced to stand at their workstations doing nothing, while the negotiations for a general layoff go on. This immense pressure leads to several outbursts, as the world around them collapses. THE NOTHING FACTORY invites us to reflect on the role of work in a time when the economic crisis has become the dominant form of government. It is a hymn to disempowering impotence and a pitiable musical.

tags: Work, Society, Music, Feature film

Cast: José Smith Vargas, Carla Galvão, Njamy Sebastião, Joaquim Bichana Martins, Daniele Incalcaterra


Screenplay: Pedro Pinho, Luisa Homem, Leonor Noivo, Tiago Hespanha

Director of Photography: Vasco Viana

Film Editor: Cláudia Oliveira, Edgar Feldman, Luísa Homem

Composer: José Smith Vargas, Pedro Rodrigues

Sound: João Gazua

Producer: João Matos, Leonor Noivo, Luísa Homem, Pedro Pinho, Susana Nobre, Tiago Hespanha

Production Company: Terratreme Filmes

World Sales: Memento Films International

Director: Pedro Pinho


Pedro Pinho studied Film in Lisbon, Paris and London. In 2008, he shot award-winning doc BAB SEBTA with Frederico Lobo, and founded production company Terratreme with five other filmmakers 2009 to support talented young Portuguese filmmakers. He screened his mid-length film UM FIM DO MUNDO at Berlin 2013. A FÁBRICA DE NADA is his first feature film.