Filmfest 2018

German Age Rating

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Zhao leaves his apartment at midnight to smoke a cigarette and sees his neighbor, Lee, plunge to his death. A mysterious sex tape is found. Sanqing is in love with her professor and takes a trip with him to the seaside, while her acquaintance Hai Long attempts some risky matchmaking. Desires and destinies are woven together in Feifei Wang's erotic, involved, sad, beautiful debut film.

tags: Far East, Love, Feature film

Cast: Zhongwei Jiang, Yue Guo, Xun Zhang, Zhengkai Liu


Screenplay: Feifei Wang

Director of Photography: Tianxing Wang

Film Editor: Feifei Wang

Composer: Ge Guo

Costume Design: Chuan Zhang

Sound: Xiaobing Wang, Nanan Yin

Producer: Jijie Wang

Production Company: Nanjing Hongran Culture and Communication Co.Ltd

World Sales: Movie View International

Director: Feifei Wang


Feifei Wang studied scriptwriting for film at Nanjing Art University before directing the short films XI GUAN (2008) and PARK (2010). He has been the curator of the China Independent Film Festival since 2012, and is also a university lecturer and author of short stories. FROM WHERE WE'VE FALLEN is his first feature film.