Filmfest 2018

For almost 20 years, the Belgian cult documentary series "Strip-Tease" observed the daily lives of its protagonists. In lieu of voice-overs, the everyday heroes themselves exposed their thoughts and attitudes to the camera in accordance with the series' motto, "Strip-Tease, the program that undresses you." Two of the program's editors, Jean Libon and Yves Hinant, have found a subject who's ideal even for the big screen: coroner Anne Gruwez from Brussels is outgoing, funny, astute, and says what's on her mind. She's often dumbfounded by the kinds of stories she hears from criminal offenders. She reopens a murder case from 20 years ago because a DNA analysis today could perhaps solve the crime committed back then. It's one case among many: Libon, Hinant and their team followed Gruwez for three years to create this unusual documentary about an unusual magistrate.

tags: Documentary, Society, Violence, Justice, Crime/Murder

With: Anne Gruwez, David Derumier, Serge Graide, Marc Slavic, Eddy Wilmet


Director of Photography: Didier Hill-Derive

Film Editor: Françoise Tourmen

Sound: Yves Goossens-Barra, David Gillain

Producer: Bertrand Faivre

Production Company: Le Bureau

Co-Producer: Patrick Quinet, Stéphane Quinet

Co-Production Company: Artémis Production, France 3 Cinéma, RTBF, Voo & Be TV, Shelter Prod

World Sales: The Bureau Sales

Director: Jean Libon, Yves Hinant


Yves Hinant (first photo) was born in Liège in 1968. After studying journalism at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, he was a sports journalist at Belgian broadcaster RTBF for two years. In 1984, he joined the team of "Strip-Tease". He has directed about 30 films and various documentaries for the program "Tout ce ne nous rendra pas le Congo", created by Jean Libon and Marco Lamensch, the makers of "Strip-Tease".

Jean Libon (second photo) was born in Antheit, Belgium, in 1946. He studied camera work at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Brussels, graduating in 1970. He worked on the documentary series "Faits Divers" until 1976. From 1977 to 1985, he traveled the world and received various awards as a photographer for the magazine program "A Suivre". In the mid-1980s, he and Marco Lamensch created the documentary series "Strip-Tease", which ran for almost 20 years on France 3 and RTBF.