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In a Chinese village set along a canal, a cook, a hairdresser's daughter, and a schoolgirl are raped, but no one seems to care. In long panning shots, Miaoyan Zhang explores the silence imposed not by the fog, but by the patriarchal structures of the community. Silence, violence, and darkness await in corners of the country forgotten by the rapid pace of progress.

tags: Far East, Women, Society, Feature film, Crime/Murder

Cast: Zhuojun Zhao, Chunlan Hu, Xiaojiang Yang, Gufu Wang


Screenplay: Rice Zhang, Wang Lianggui, Miaoyan Zhang, Quge

Director of Photography: Miaoyan Zhang, Xu Zhiyong

Film Editor: Miaoyan Zhang

Sound: Minghuan Han

Producer: Miaoyan Zhang, Guillaume de Seille, Chunlan Hu

Production Company: Rice Productions

Co-Production Company: Arizona Films Productions

Director: Miaoyan Zhang


Miaoyan Zhang was born in 1964. During his youth, the Cultural Revolution meant he had almost no access to movies. While studying art at Berkeley, he made up for this in a major way. His films, such as BLACK BLOOD (2011) and A CORNER OF HEAVEN (2014), regularly expose the underbelly of modern China. Zhang is not only a director, but also a painter.