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While doing his military service in the Korean army, Joo-yong tries unsuccessfully to have his violent superior held to account. When an incident leads him to his brother-in-law's dental practice, Joo-yong comes to an ominous realization. In a world characterized by violence, he himself must possibly resort to violence in order to salvage a small amount of justice.

tags: Family, Far East, Violence, Feature film

Cast: Ga-seop Lee, Jae-yun Jung, Soy Kim, Seong-il Park


Screenplay: Gwang-baek Moon

Director of Photography: Jin-yong Son

Film Editor: Tae-gue Lim

Producer: Haeo Park

Production Company: Tiger Cinema

Co-Production Company: Dankook Graduate School of Cinematic Content

World Sales: M-Line Distribution

Director: Tae-gue Lim


Tae-gue Lim, b. 1985, studied film at the universities in Chungang and Dankook. In 2013, he directed the short film WRONG. He completed his study of film direction in 2017. THE SEEDS OF VIOLENCE is his first full-length feature film.