Filmfest 2018

German Age Rating

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One day in winter, a tiger escapes from the zoo. Meanwhile, Gyeong-yu is shown the door by his girlfriend. By chance, he crosses paths with his ex, Yoo-jung, who has become an author. The couple resume their relationship – while Yoo-jung fights a strange writer's block and while somewhere out there a wild animal runs loose.

tags: Relationship, Literature, Feature film, Animal

Cast: Jin-uk Lee, Hyun-joung Ko


Screenplay: Kwang-kuk Lee

Director of Photography: Hyung-koo Kim

Film Editor: Yeon-ji Son

Composer: Ri-mok Yeon

Production Designer: Sang-kyung Cho

Costume Design: Sang-kyung Cho

Sound: Pil-soo Kim, Min-joo Chung

Producer: Bo-young An

Production Company: A Byeokdol Films

World Sales: M-Line Distribution

Director: Kwang-kuk Lee


Kwang-kuk Lee, b. 1975, studied film at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. He worked as assistant director under Sang-soo Hong and made his film debut in 2011 with ROMANCE JOE, which won several prizes at festivals.