Filmfest 2018

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It's 1997. In China, a looming storm will soon sweep out the old industrial landscape and rattle society to its core. Yu Guowei, head of security at a factory that's no longer profitable, takes it upon himself to investigate a series of murders in the small town. In the pouring rain, between towering machinery and the advances of a prostitute, the amateur detective snoops his way to his demise.

tags: Work, Far East, Feature film, Thriller, Crime/Murder

Cast: Yihong Duan, Yiyan Jiang, Yuan Du, Chuyi Zheng, Wei Zheng


Screenplay: Yue Dong

Director of Photography: Cai Tao

Film Editor: Wen Jing

Composer: Ke Ding

Production Designer: Liu Qiang

Costume Design: Liu Qiang, Li Hua

Sound: Emma Long, Rocky Zhang

Producer: Xiao Qiancao

Production Company: Hehe (Shanghai) Pictures

World Sales: Shenzhen Enjoy Pictures Company Limited

Director: Yue Dong


Yue Dong was born in Weihai, China, in 1976. He studied camera technique at the Beijing Film Academy and worked as a camera operator and director of advertisements. THE LOOMING STORM is his first feature film.