Filmfest 2018

Against the background of a country on the brink of crisis, two worlds collide: the over-heated bourgeois milieu of Pandoras, an intellectual psychiatrist with political ambitions, and the humbler, but no less ambitious world of Georgina, a beautiful child of the working-class, but also a talented actress whose career is taking off.

tags: Work, Humor, Crisis/Revolution, Politics, Feature film, Economy

Cast: Konstantinos Markoulakis, Fiona Georgiadi, Panos Mouzourakis, Tonia Sotiropoulou, Konstantinos Avarikiotis


Screenplay: Katerina Bei

Director of Photography: Claudio Bolivar

Film Editor: Konstantinos Adraktas

Composer: Dimitris Kontopoulos

Production Designer: Lina Patsiou

Costume Design: Vaso Tranidou

Sound: Nikos Papadimitriou

Producer: George Kyriakos, Costas Lambropoulos

Production Company: View Master Films

Co-Producer: Manos Krezias

Co-Production Company: Greek Film Center, ERT, Femeway Ltd, Nova

Director: Nikos Perakis


Nikos Perakis was born to Greek parents in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1944. He attended Munich's Academy of Fine Arts and became a production designer for numerous German films, including HOMO FABER, THE TIN DRUM, and BERLINGER. In 1971, he began writing screenplays and directing films in Germany, where BOMBER & PAGANINI (1976) achieved cult status. After making MILO MILO (1979) in Greece, Perakis settled in Athens, where he has been an author, producer, and director to the present day.