Filmfest 2018

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Even in the forest, there are thieves. It's frog inspector Gordon's job to try to find them. That's difficult to do on his own, and Gordon is not getting any younger. It's a good thing, then, that he's met Paddy the mouse. As partners, they make a terrific investigative duo, keeping the forest and its inhabitants safe.

Please note: There is a sound-workshop and the short film MONDMÄDCHEN before the screening on Friday 6th, 3 pm at RIO 1. (about 25 minutes)

Age rating 0, recommended for ages 6 and up

tags: Animation, Nature, Animal, Crime/Murder

Speaker: Stellan Skarsgård, Melinda Kinnaman, Felix Herngren, Mingus Broman, Tove Sacklén


Screenplay: Janne Vierth

Original Material: Ulf Nilsson, Gitte Spee

Director of Photography: Elinor Bergman, Gabriel Mkrttchian

Composer: Martin Landquist

Sound: Mats Blomberg

Producer: Linda Hambäck, Lina Jonsson

Production Company: LEE Film Stockholm AB

World Sales: New Europe Film Sales

Director: Linda Hambäck


Linda Hambäck, born in Seoul in 1974, is a Swedish film director and owner of the production company LEE Film. She mainly makes children's animated films. Her latest works include BAJSFILMEN (2016) and TÄNK OM... (2014) as well as the documentary short FIGHTING SPIRIT (2013).