Filmfest 2018

German Age Rating

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Berlin is merciless: if you want to survive, you'll have to be quick on your feet... Atris no longer wants to be the henchman of underworld boss El Keitar. When his friend Frank offers him a deal, Atris agrees without knowing the chaos he is letting himself in for. Fortunately he meets Marie, a whirlwind who really knows how to stand up to the Berlin macho crooks

tags: Comedy, Love, Feature film, Urban, Crime/Murder

Cast: Samuel Schneider, Jannis Niewöhner, Ella Rumpf, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Georg Friedrich


Screenplay: Constantin Lieb, Cüneyt Kaya, Detlev Buck

Original Material: Ferdinand von Schirach

Director of Photography: Marc Achenbach

Film Editor: Dirk Grau

Composer: Bowen Liu, Pierre Baigorry, Torsten Reibold

Production Designer: Sebastian Soukup

Costume Design: Ingken Benesch

Sound: Paul Oberle

Producer: Viola Jäger

Production Company: Olga Film GmbH

Co-Producer: Oliver Berben, Martin Moszkowicz

Co-Production Company: Constantin Film Produktion GmbH

Distributor: Constantin Film Verleih

Director: Detlev Buck


Detlev Buck was born in Bad Segeberg in 1962. Prior to attending the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie in Berlin, he had already made his debut as director and author of ERST DIE ARBEIT UND DANN? (1985), in which he'd also acted. After graduating, he and Claus Boje founded the firm Boje Buck Produktion in 1991. As director of KARNIGGELS (1991/92), he received the Bayerischer Filmpreis (Bavarian Film Award). His commercial breakthrough with WIR KÖNNEN AUCH ANDERS (1992) was followed by MÄNNERPENSION (1996), LIEBE DEINE NÄCHSTE (1998), and LIEBESLUDER (2000). In 2005, he directed KNALLHART, a drama about gang violence in Berlin, which received the Deutscher Filmpreis in Silber (German Film Award in Silver) for best picture. Two years later, he directed the children's movie HÄNDE WEG VON MISSISSIPPI (2007), which also received the Deutscher Filmpreis. His works also include SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT (2008), RUBBELDIEKATZ (2011), and BIBI & TINA along with its three sequels (2014–2017). Currently, his ensemble comedy WUFF is in post-production. Buck has also acted in numerous films, including HERR LEHMANN (Leander Haussmann, 2003), DAS WEISSE BAND (Michael Haneke, 2009), and most recently in MAGICAL MYSTERY – ODER DIE RÜCKKEHR DES KARL SCHMIDT (Arne Feldhusen, 2016).