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Ronny & Klaid is the story of two good-hearted scoundrels who try to run a 24-hour shop in the heart of Berlin. While Ronny falls in love with the daughter of the local godfather, Klaid is losing a fortune at the casino. What a coincidence that Bernhard Chipper is not only the owner of the casino but also the father of Ronny's love interest. A newspaper article says that one out of ten people living in Berlin is a millionaire — so the two of them just need to kidnap the next ten customers and all of their problems will be solved. Sounds like a perfect plan.

tags: Humor, Feature film, Crime/Murder

Cast: Franz Dinda, Sahin Eryilmaz, Xenia Assenza, Guido Broscheit, Alexander Schubert


Screenplay: Arend Remmers

Director of Photography: Julian Landweer

Film Editor: Florian Metzner

Composer: Andrew Reich

Production Designer: Veronica Wuest

Costume Design: Sabrina Krämer

Sound: Marc Reinkober

Producer: Guido Broscheit, Alexander von Reden, Erkan Acar

Production Company: dropkick pictures UG, MaVie Films UG

Director: Erkan Acar


Erkan Acar was born in Berlin in 1980. His breakthrough as an actor and a producer came in 2017, when he played the lead role in the independent film SCHNEEFLÖCKCHEN. RONNY & KLAID is his first film as a director.