Filmfest 2018

German Age Rating

In the conservative city of Munich, a local punk starts a record store. Inspiringly, the shop becomes a cultural hub for the worldwide punk community. BLACK WAVE is an intimate look at a resilient music scene set against the backdrop of today's explosive politics.

tags: Friendship, Music, Politics, Feature film

Cast: Michl Krenner, Chris Briefs, Julie Weinelt, Sophia Lieri, Rob Mausrotten


Screenplay: Peter Azen

Director of Photography: Peter Azen

Film Editor: Peter Azen

Composer: Carson Cox

Sound: Peter Azen

Producer: Peter Azen

Production Company: Illium Pictures

Director: Peter Azen


Peter Azen is a Brazilian filmmaker, artist and activist that lives in New York City. Peter is the Founder and Creative Director of Illium Pictures, a collective of award-winning writers, directors, editors, producers, and cinematographers based in Brooklyn. Peter's film screened in festivals, museums, galleries and independent spaces throughout the U.S., Brazil, U.K., Germany and India. Date of Birth: 16 June, 1984. Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.